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Sustainable Period Cup

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Have you ever used period cup? This is a game changer!

Period is very uncomfortable... We have to change pads many time throughout the day, be worried about leaking, get rash and etc. Everything we experience is very uncomfortable and we have to deal with this every month.

Since I moved to Hawaii and got to know how comfortable wearing tampon is, I changed from pads to tampons.


soon after I heard wearing tampons, especially super-absorbent tampons, for long time can increase risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome), and I saw a news about a model who lost her legs from TSS.

I immediately changed back to pads and used tampons only when I needed, but still I was worried about risk of TSS when I was using tampon...

One day when I was at Whole Foods, I found a period cup made from medical grade silicon. When I first saw it, I was wondering who uses this weird cup for period.... but I AM now!

Why Period Cup is good?

1 . Period cups are safer

Because period cups collect rather than absorb blood like tampons, you are at less risk of getting TSS.

2. Zero waste & Saving money

The average woman goes through approximately 14,000 disposable pads and/or tampons in a lifetime and lots of plastics are used for common period products which are not good for your health in regards to dermal absorption, and the earth. If you change from pads/tampons to period cups, you can wash and use it many times and only need to replace it once a year. (depends on brand and condition, it can last up to 10 years)

It saves so much money, zero waste and good for the earth:)

3. Better period experience

The period cup I use can be worn for 12 hours at most, so I don't need to worried about changing pads or tampons when I am outside, and I don't feel bleeding and I don't get rash.

Thanks to the cup, now I don't feel uncomfortable at all during period!!

How to use?

It's super easy. Juts fold into half and insert! I use Diva Cup so I referenced their website.

When I first use it, it was easy to insert, however, I had hard time removing it...

I panicked a bit and took a couple minutes to remove it and that made me hesitate to use it second time.

The trick is taking a deep breath and letting your body relax:) After having used it 2, 3 times, it's so easy and comfortable to wear it.

When it comes to sustainable lifestyle, we often hear about using reusable water bottle and grocery bags, but we can also change our period pads/tampons we use every month to reusable period cups.

Reduce waste, live a bit more sustainable lifestyle and make period time comfortable!

If you have any recommendations for sustainable life, please share it with me!



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