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The Story Behind The Tropical Hibiscus Photography Print

During the pandemic, while my husband was on assignment in Maui, I juggled flying back and forth between Oahu and Maui while still working. ✈️

It was one of the toughest periods of my life😖

But amidst the struggle, those stunning hibiscus flowers on the property caught my eye.

I love flowers, but it's always sad to see them wither away. I wanted to keep their vibrant colors forever.

Since I'm into underwater photography, I thought, why not combine that with the tropical beauty of Hawaii? So, I gathered some of these colorful hibiscus blooms and placed them gently on the pool.

Little did I know, the photos I took would become beloved prints. It was just a spontaneous thing that turned into something special🫶🏽🌺

Even during the tough times, finding that beauty brought me joy.

And now, I’m thrilled to share this Tropical Hibiscus Print with others🌺🥰



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