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海外に住む夢と現実 - Expectation vs. Reality of Living Abroad

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

先日Key QuestionさんのYouTube番組に出演させていただきました。

I was invited by Key Question to be a guest speaker on her awesome YouTube Live show the other day.


We discussed my lifestyle in Hawaii, and other guest speaker Mii spoke about her life in India.


We talked about the reasons we moved abroad, the things that surprised us most about living abroad, our advice to those who are thinking of living abroad, our personality types, etc. The show was an an hour long and was so much fun!

私は話すより、Miiさんのインド生活の話を聞くのが楽しくて1時間じゃ物足りなかったなーと。(完全に視聴者側 笑)

I was enjoying listening to Mii's life in India so much that the hour flew by and wasn't enough time!



Public speaking is not my favorite thing to do, so originally I was thinking about declining the offer to be on the show. After putting more thought into it, I decided that it's important to challenge myself, and leave my comfort zone in order to grow. I am thankful I made that decision because it was so fun!


As expected, I was very nervous and couldn't sit still! I had to turn on the AC in the middle of the show because I was sweating the entire time! lol



Of course, after the show was over, I suddenly had better answers to all the questions that were already asked. lol


But life is all about experience right? I am so glad I tried :)

15分のダイジェスト版はKey QuestionさんのIGTVから見れます。

Key QuestionさんのLINEをお友達登録すると一時間のフルバージョンや、他のゲストの方のエピソードが見れるます。

If you want to check it out, a shortened 15 minute version of the show can be watched from IGTV from Key Question.

To see the full version, or other great episodes, become LINE App friend's with Key Question.


Check it out if you have time and also let me know if you have tried something new recently and how did it turn out :)

Thanks again Key Question, it was so much fun!



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